Executive Compensation and Employment

We work extensively on executive and equity compensation matters, including employment agreements. Our work includes the following:

  • Stock options
  • Restricted stock
  • Restricted stock units
  • Profits interests
  • Stock appreciation rights
  • Phantom or synthetic rights (phantom stock, phantom appreciation rights)
  • Deferred compensation plans (including Code section 409A analysis)
  • Put or call arrangements with respect to compensatory equity
  • Non-competition provisions
  • Non-solicitation restrictions
  • Confidentiality and intellectual property rights
  • Severance and releases
  • Change in control arrangements (including Code section 280G issues)
  • International issues
  • State and local issues
We represent individual executives (and sometimes groups of executives in transactions) and also employers in various matters.

Our approach si ultimately client-centric. Our focus is on making sure that the client understates all material legal issues, with a pragmatic focus on the key issues that go to value and the client's ability to attain goals. We are great proponents of the Pareto rule--- often, 80% of the value-enhancing or -reducing facets of a matter result from 20% of the issues. Those are the issues on which we seek to focus attention.

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